The IPM Council of Canada | Ontario Pesticide Licensing Moves On-line
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Ontario Pesticide Licensing Moves On-line

Ontario Pesticide Licensing Moves On-line

Since Sept. 4, 2018, applying for and renewing pesticide licences in Ontario is now done on-line. Applicants and those needing to renew existing pesticide licences need to create ServiceOntario and Ministry accounts. More details can be found here. The Ministry has created an instructional video about setting up these accounts. Select the video entitled “Getting Your ONe-Key ID

New applicants must complete and pass a ministry-approved pesticide certification course within the last 12 months. There had been some concern that pesticide re-certification would be required to renew pesticide licences, but this is NOT the case. There will be some non-confidential information about licence-holders made available to the public on the Access Environment website, such as name of licence-holder, type of licence and expiration date.

The benefits of on-line licence renewal is that you can quickly renew existing licences with credit or debit card payments; update your contact information on-line; and you will receive an electronic copy of the licence that can be printed. The Ministry is now also considering some out-of-province licences and/or certificates for equivalency to eliminate the need to re-certify in Ontario.

Please note that IPM Certification for IPM Agents/Applicators is separate from pesticide licensing and is still required, in addition to a valid pesticide licence, under O. Reg. 63/09 to apply Class 9 pesticides on golf courses and for use by industrial vegetation managers for public works.